Created in 1994, the Vinalies® Internationales Competition has become one of the major events.
It is a major event in terms of its longevity, but also in terms of its renown.

The Vinalies® Internationales can be summed up in 6 words:

Passion since this is the principal driving force of the Vinalies® Internationales, where the jury members will gather in Paris for 4 days of wine tasting. The jurors mark and comment on all the samples presented. Each producer receives a general summary of the appraisals.        

Diversity characterised by our jury of 130 tasters composed of specialists in sensorial analysis from around the world. Nearly 40 nationalities are represented on the tasting panel, a diversity which also contributes to the unique character of the event.

Trust established over 20 years, with producers from France and around the world sending us samples of their wines every year. In total almost 3.000 wine samples are sent to us, in the hope of receiving a Vinalies® d’Or (Gold) or a Vinalies® d’Argent (Silver) medal.

Impartiality guaranteed by our exclusively blind tastings, which is one of the principal characteristics of the Vinalies® Internationales. There is no question here of judging a brand or an appellation; the only thing that counts is the quality of the wine.

Professionalism which has been recognised once again, and for six consecutive years, by the awarding of ISO 9001 certification for our respect of the OIV international wines and spirits competition standard, acknowledging the rigour, regularity and exactitude of every single stage of the competition and its organisation.

Organisation orchestrated for over 20 years. It is a team task, where every single member contributes to meeting all the demands, and in which every detail is important.

Competition founded by the Œnologues de France




My wine will be tasted, in its appellation:

    3000 wines presented
          From 33 different countries
My wine will be commented on by:

           130 international wine tasters
       A vital competition including
       all the major
       players in the sector
If my wine is a winner,

- I will benefit from:
Wine tasting comments      
Visibility on our website      
Publication in our new mobile application Sélection Vins - Œnologues de France, available on AppStore and Google Play      
- I will order medals which will be:

An effective selling point for the distributors


A marketing tool to conquer new markets


A guarantee of quality for the consumer